Window wells: Why they are important

July 27, 2018

There are many reasons to have window wells on your basement windows, and one issue we have seen with basement windows not having them is water leaking in and damaging the walls. Basement windows are close to the ground and when snow piles up it can create dams for melting snow, which creates pools of water against the window. A majority of the time the cost to repair the damage is more expensive than the cost of having window wells installed initially. A good thing to remember when having them installed is to also have covers installed as well. Not only do covers keep unwanted rodents, snow, leaves, grass, and much more outdoor debris from getting into your window wells, they can also help save energy!   Window wells and covers prevent damage from happening by keeping water out and away from the windows, saving you energy costs, and the possible cost of repairs and/or new windows!



Damaged wall caused by snow dammed up water leaking in from a window without a window well.

Repairing the wall. The old wall was removed, and new drywall installed.

The repaired wall, looking good as new!





Notice how the snow presses right up against the house, with melting snow occurring quickly in spring, the water can pool against the window.

A good look at the window at or near ground level with no window well or cover.

With the window well and cover in place, you can say goodbye to water infiltration and deterioration of walls and windows.