Why Would We Hire You?


Pros and Cons of going with Bruckelmyer Brothers

    If you have ever been in a job interview, it is probable you will be asked this dreaded question. “Why would we hire you?” As one of the leaders in our local building industry, it is often difficult to admit that we, as a company may not be the best fit for you. The reality is Bruckelmyer Brothers is not for everyone. This is not to say we cannot do your project, and it is definitely not saying that we do not want to do your project. But there are a lot of other contractors in the area that may have a specialty that better fits your needs. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, every company has a list of pros and cons. Based on reviews and client feedback, at Bruckelmyer Brothers, we want you to know that we are aware of our strengths and weaknesses. It is only fair to be completely upfront and transparent with you so that you can fully know if we are the right company for you.

    The question, “Why would we hire you?” is nothing new to our sales team. And if you think about it, it is a completely reasonable question to ask, especially when it involves building a house or starting a project. In fact, I would advise you to ask this question to whatever contractor you are working with. A home is one of the costliest things in your life. Whether you are purchasing a new home or putting moneys towards your home, it is important for you the buyer, to understand why we the contractor, are a good fit for you. So, to begin, I will go over some of the pros and cons of our company based on client feedback and self-evaluation.

Reasons You May NOT Decide to go with Bruckelmyer Brothers

We tend to be more expensive than our competitors


Yes, we tend to be more expensive than our competitors. There is a handful of reasons for this. First, Bruckelmyer Brothers takes excellent care of all their employees. Simply put, we would not be a company without our amazing employees, and our leadership group fully understand this. Taking good care of our employees allows them to remain engaged in their work and to stay highly motivated so they can continue to showcase their professionalism and expertise. We provide a safe working environment for our employees and the public. We offer lifetime warranties on all the new homes and provide state of the art tools, equipment, and technologies for every project. If you are thinking, “why do these drastically affect the cost of the project?” We would tell you that the more a company has to offer to its clients and employees, the more expensive it will be. Our refined business process was made to minimize confusion so that you can fully understand how we operate. We know that budget is important, and everyone’s budget is different. So, we provide you with three options: Custom, Semi-Custom, and Standard. These options are at various price points to help accommodate the varying budgets and offer different grades of building materials and the work’s extent. If your budget is too low, we can try to adjust the plan by eliminating your lower priority items so that we can come to an agreement. As a company, we do everything in our power to put a value on trust. Whoever decides to work with us will realize that we are a company that will deliver anything and everything you want depending on preference.


Sometimes our schedules may be booked out for several months

Mass production of homes is not our specialty

At times, our schedules can be booked out for several months. The reason for this, is because we specialize in luxury home construction and remodeling, not in mass production of homes. Our high standards of quality sometimes make a project last longer. Our professional craftsman are focused on doing their job the right way. Rather than taking shortcuts, we will go the extra mile to make sure the quality is top notch. So sometimes our schedules may be backed up, but the reason is because we believe in quality over quantity. In the construction world its common to come across companies that are more focused on quantity rather than quality. But our goal at Bruckelmyer Brothers is to deliver the highest quality product on a consistent basis.


We do not do line-item pricing


Line-item pricing is not the way we price out a project. We develop the scope of the project and then price the project. In the past we have done line-item pricing and here is why we no longer use this method. We discovered that it creates confusion amongst our clients. Line-item pricing is certainly transparent, but in construction it does not work as well as you may think. For example, if you create a shopping list including ten items but you only have $100 to buy all ten items. When you check out, you realize that the total price is higher than $100, so you end up putting back an item to meet your budget. In construction, it typically does not work like that as most items are tied together. If you remove one item it will likely affect many other items. Our process was created to take care of our clients by developing and strengthening the trust between us.

Trust is the cornerstone of our client relationships, and we want to be sure that nothing will get in the way. Removing line-item pricing has improved our process making it much smoother and less likely for us or the client to run into a problem.

As a general rule, we do not pursue insurance work


Our company does not pursue insurance work for multiple reasons. The number one reason we do not engage in any insurance work is because it is not client first. Again, just like line-item pricing, we have pursued insurance work in the past. And we found ourselves becoming stuck between the insurance company and our clients. Meaning our clients wanted one thing, but the insurance company would not allow it because of certain policies or because of code. It is hard explaining to our clients that the insurance company will not allow us to perform certain projects. So, we decided to not handle the insurance work mainly because we want our clients to be first in our process. This way the guidelines are already set so there is less conflict during the process. There are less hiccups during the building process when the insurance is pre-determined by the client.


We use our own subcontractors


    Lastly, at Bruckelmyer Brothers we use our own sub-contractors. Some people may see this as a problem because they have had certain contractors do work for them in the past and they want them to do it again. And we get that, but the reason we like to use our own sun-contractors is because we know they will be available, and they know exactly how we work and operate because of our chemistry we have built with them over the years. Using our sub-contractors, the same ones we use for every project allows for the entire process to move smoothly. There have been times where we have used our clients recommended sub-contractors, but we like to stay away from that to avoid any confusion or chaos during the building process. Our company has been around for over 30 years, we have figured out over time what works best for our process and what can work against our process. Some of our sub-contractors have been with us for 20 years. As trust is the key to any relationship, we have built great relationships with our sub-contractors and feel that they not only know our process, but they are a big reason our process has been a success.

Reasons You May Decide to go with Bruckelmyer Brothers

Client Satisfaction is our number one goal
An employee-focused company
Experienced home builders on staff
Quality & Workmanship is of high priority


Client satisfaction is a big part of our mission statement. With every decision we make and every product we deliver, we always keep the satisfaction of our clients close in mind. This is talked about in every company meeting so that we never get away from it. We understand the importance of ensuring that our prospective clients are well-educated to make a confident buying decision. Once a client signs on with BB, our goal is to exceed expectations. Promoting and rewarding employees for their leadership, communication, integrity, and work ethic makes exceeding client expectations possible. We have been in business for over 30 years; we have many seasoned home builders on staff, some who have over 20 years of experience! The quality and workmanship are 

of high priority on every project. We are more concentrated on the quality of our work than the quantity. This doesn’t mean that we are slow, but it does mean that our process is not rushed so we can continue to produce top quality products for our clients. We want our work to be perfect and this takes time but with the right mindset, all this is possible.

Receptive to critical feedback


    Being receptive to critical feedback is seen as a positive aspect of our company. And we encourage this feedback throughout our company. At times there are situations where our clients will change their mind on something, we are receptive and have no problem making alterations or giving you the feedback, you deserve. Receiving feedback means that we can enhance our performance and it also clarifies expectations. Communication is so important during the building process and our clients have enjoyed how responsive we are to feedback.

In-house design team

Tours available before build via Virtual Reality

Unique custom abilities (cabinet shop,  spray booth etc.)

The in-house design team at Bruckelmyer Brothers has helped us become who we are today. We design your project on a computer before the actual build. After the design is created you can navigate through the entire project with virtual reality. This gives our clients the ability to see their project before the building process starts. We can completely personalize your project exactly the way you imagined it. The virtual walk-through gives you the chance to personalize your interior design (lights, furniture, floors, colors etc.) Past clients have been amazed by this process, it has given them more 

confidence in our team as they know exactly what to expect when the project is finished, and they have the power to personalize every inch of their house. Our unique custom abilities do not end there. Our cabinet shop and spray booth allow for us to show our talented woodworking skills. We have a team of professionals that focus solely on cabinets and the painting of the cabinets.

Buildertrend Software & App


    Buildertrend is our software of choice. This application has made it much easier for us to record and track all the information regarding our projects. We record summaries, To-Do’s, schedules, daily logs, documents, video’s/photos, change orders, selections, and invoices. Majority of our clients see this software as a positive. All the information on buildertrend is viewable for our clients. Offering this kind of transparency improves the client/company trust, it also improves communication and the overall satisfaction of our clients. We want our clients to be informed during their project on any progress or updates, buildertrend makes all of this possible.

We understand that no matter how well you perform or how successful you are, at the end of the day every company has its pros and cons. And we realize that some people might see flaws in our systems or process. But we have fine-tuned our systems over the years to make it easier on our clients and our employees. So, why should you hire Bruckelmyer Brothers? You may not but given that you now know what we

bring to the table, hopefully, you can better decide if we are the right company for you. And if we are not, we wish you luck in finding the contractor who best meets all your needs.


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