Why is the pricing so different from the Twin Cities?

Lack of Developments


Duluth is a beautiful city; its impeccable landscape attracts many tourists during the summer and winter months. However, the population growth of Duluth has been sluggish over the past decade. We do not have enough people living in Duluth to fill up large developments as they have in the Twin Cities. We certainly build a lot of high-end apartments around Duluth, but hardly any new home developments simply because there are not enough people. The Twin Cities has hundreds of locations with thousands of people needing a place to live. Large construction firms benefit from these kinds of situations. Once a firm lands the right area to form development, they will build rows of cookie-cutter homes using the same designs. This is the stark difference between our company and builder companies that mass-produce homes in the Twin Cities. Our company has never built the same house twice. Every home we design and build is different, we work hard to customize and tailor your space to your lifestyle, wants, and needs. The pricing of a high-end custom home builder in the Twin Cities would be a fair comparison and you will find that there is not much of a difference.


There are more workers in the cities and people that are willing to work for lower wages. Overall, there are far more builders in the Twin Cities area which drives down bid prices on certain projects. For example, the large companies that offer low bids on housing developments, tend to give themselves little time to build a house. To help improve the build time they will use the same design for every house they build within that development. They are nice homes but they aren’t homes that are built to last forever.

Shipping Logistics

The next part I will tap into is the shipping costs. Duluth does not have direct shipping for all products needed in the building process. The headquarters for many Duluth stores are located in the Twin Cities, so naturally, we are paying for higher shipping expenses. Duluth is more isolated which makes it more difficult and costly to ship products.

Frost Depth

As I said earlier, Duluth is known for its cold temperatures. On average Duluth is colder than the Twins Cities, we get more snow and have a deeper frost line. In return, we typically spend more on insulation because of the frost line. This is something we focus on because frost can be extremely detrimental to a home’s foundation, we have seen this occur and do everything to prevent it from happening.



At the end of the day, it is not fair to compare the homes we build to the hundreds of homes built by large construction firms in the Twin Cities. The new homes we design and build are meant to last you a lifetime. They legitimately come with a lifetime warranty. When you compare our pricing to a high-end custom builder in the cities, you will realize that we are not much different in price. Duluth is a special place, we have been designing and building custom homes in this city for over thirty years. We are proud of all the Bruckelmyer Builds you see across the Northland.


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