What Type Of Work Does Bruckelmyer Brothers Do?

A common misconception about Bruckelmyer Brothers is that we only build custom homes. This impression was created in reflection of our prominence as a custom home builder in the area. Although we do take a lot of pride in custom home building, this tends to overshadow the other services we provide. We have grown and expanded over the last 30 + years and have been fortunate enough to take on various skill sets that contribute to our expansion of expertise. Read on to learn about all the services we provide.


In-house design is a huge benefit to a general contractor’s success in the home building/renovating industry. It is on the rise and becoming more popular by the day. The abundance of reasoning for this upswing in in-house design services comes from its cost-effectiveness and the amenities that come with it. An in-house design/build firm will generally be more cost-effective than an architect because the design/build company tends to have a more pragmatic view of building costs.

In-house design will be convenient to the contractor and the client. When there is only one number to call, communications will be more efficient and less likely to be misunderstood. At BB we will collaborate with architects, but we do not work for architects. There is a convenience when consulting with an architect on a project but at the end of the day, we like to manage the project.

The necessity of implementing innovative technologies is not lost on us at BB. We believe that the willingness to adapt to the technological age is critical in the longevity of any company, especially a construction company.

Interior Design

Our in-house interior designer provides vital guidance through your project which helps shape the aesthetics of your home. The interior designer will help you with your selection process and ensure that your home is on point from start to finish. The creative skills of our interior designer are prominent in renovation projects where your existing space needs to be redesigned and updated.

Virtual Reality

VR has had a considerable impact on the effectiveness of our design team. Not every client can visualize how their finished space will look and feel. VR has been revolutionary in allowing clients to walk through their homes before the project even starts.

Not only is VR convenient for the client, but it is also beneficial to the construction team that will be onsite. If the project manager or foreman has difficulty with the plan, we can refer back to Virtual Reality. It can and has been a massive help in the visualization of the finished product.

Another benefit is being able to put your home in the correct geographical location. It can help determine the best position for natural sunlight to shine in your home. This will also allow you to see the exact view you would be getting from your future home’s windows.



Unlike your vehicle, your home is likely an appreciating asset, which means that over time the value of your home should increase. With that being said, this general rule is valid if you keep up with your home’s maintenance. If you get way behind on your home maintenance, you will spend more time and money in the long run on substantial repairs. A couple of days spent per year will extend the life of your home.

At Bruckelmyer Brothers, we have a crew of professionals that complete valuable home inspections, repair any issue(s) and keep up with the necessary maintenance of your home. Our home inspection certification gives us the ability to do any type of home inspection report, whether it is for your peace of mind when buying a new house or for your PHM program membership.

PHM (Planned Home Maintenance)

Most people spend more time thinking about their home maintenance than doing anything about it. If you are like most people, you work all day, and when you get home, the last thing you want to do is get up on a ladder, make roof repairs, or maintain and service the furnace.

We started our PHM program for this very reason, to put your home maintenance concerns to rest, so you can enjoy your free time without those anxious feelings. We offer three different levels of home maintenance within our PHM program: Standard, Semi-Custom, and Custom. We provide these distinct maintenance levels to better fit your needs at home.


Our standard PHM package covers your basic home maintenance requirements. Under these criteria, we will perform maintenance on your home that falls under the scope of work that BB is qualified to execute.


When you invest in our Semi-Custom plan, it covers the services we provide at Bruckelmyer Brothers, along with the addition of one of our subcontractors. (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC)


Our Custom PHM package will cover everything having to do with your home, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. This package includes the service of Bruckelmyer Brothers plus the services from all our subcontractors. All your home maintenance worries will be addressed by calling one number.


You may have had plans to remodel or add on for quite a while, but you keep telling yourself that now is not the right time, or you may be thinking that it is too big of a hassle, or the stress is not worth it. At Bruckelmyer Brothers, we understand entirely that remodels, and additions by nature are invasive. With this in mind, we continually strive to make your project as enjoyable as possible.

Our biggest concern when we are in your home is your safety. One of the first things we do when we show up is dust protection. We seal off the area where we will be working with plastic. This sealed-off area acts as a barrier to keep you out of the construction area for your own safety, it contains any dust we make. That way you can be living in your home while we work. If we are making excessive dust, we will set up a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) air filtration system as an extra precaution. We take your safety extremely seriously; we will not move forward with a project if there are uncontrollable hazards.

Respect for your home is a top priority throughout the entire process. We tape down cardboard in all the main pathways that we will be using to ensure that we do not damage your floor. We will also cover or protect any furniture or belongings that could potentially be damaged. For large remodels we order portable storage containers to have your furniture and belongings stored and protected until we are finished.

As I said earlier, custom home building often overshadows the other services we provide, in fact, remodels and additions contribute to nearly half of the work that we do. Your project is not only rewarding to you but for us as well. There is great satisfaction in renovating an old existing area and turning it into a more functional and appealing space. We have remodeled, renovated, and added additions to hundreds of homes in the Duluth area.

Cabinets/Wood Shop

Our custom cabinet shop has been one reason we are where we are today. With our skilled artisans and woodshop staff, we have unique capabilities when it comes to transforming wood into beautiful products. Whether that be cabinetry, moldings, stairways, furniture, or anything for that matter, I do not believe we have ever told someone “We cannot build that.”

Our spray booth is occupied full time with our custom cabinets and woodwork. Most of the interior projects that go through our spray booth get three coats of durable Conversion Varnish. This finishing capability is helpful for custom home projects and remodels as well. If you want your new cabinets or millwork to match your existing ones, we have it covered. With the help of our color matching system, our talented employees make this a walk in the park.

Timber framing is not a new concept; It dates to the Neolithic period. The Neolithic period was the final division of the stone age. Timber framing techniques have been prevalent throughout history in areas where deciduous hardwoods are abundant.

Our woodshop is where we construct most of our timber framing. Most of the timbers are pre-cut and finished in the shop. That way, the lumber fits together seamlessly, and the onsite assembly is straightforward. We have done a wide variety of timber framing methods, from traditional methods to industrial methods. The difference of methods is in the joining of the timbers. With experience on our side, timber framing is second nature to our tea, of highly skilled carpenters.

The CNC Machine is the newest member of our team, we are implementing the CNC machine into our operations which will drastically help the efficiency of our woodshop.




Bruckelmyer Brothers’ meticulous hiring process has led to continual growth in the company. From our design team and virtual reality to our cabinet shop and finishing booth, thus far, our willingness to challenge the status quo has served us well. If a company’s employees are willing to grow and expand on an individual level, the effects of this progress will inevitably translate into the growth of a company.


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