What Is Your  Typical Timeline?

Over the last couple of decades, there have been several breakthroughs in the home building / renovating industry that have helped us reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a project. The most recent technological advances like Virtual Reality, have helped us reduce the total time spent on design. This industry is tricky, we are always looking for innovative methods that will help speed up our process, the tough part is finding that method that will also improve the quality.

“How long will this project take, start to finish?”

This is a practical question, especially in today’s fast-paced world where everyone wants instant gratification. Building a home or any remodeling project will not be instant gratification in fact the saying, it has to get worse before it gets better, is somewhat true in this circumstance. There are several variables that can affect the timeline of a project. Here are some examples that can prolong the timeframe of a home project:

  • Site conditions: Rocky, uneven steep terrain, poor soil quality
  • Time of year: The upper Midwest’s severe winters will slow down the project due to the snow and cold weather. Also, specific energy codes and regional building science must be adhered to.
  • Site access: Minimum maintenance, steep, and narrow roads. Water access or necessity for a boat to access the building site.
  • Location: Long distance away from civilization or the center of company headquarters.
  • Home design: The complexity, size, and number of revisions in the design process will dictate how long your project will take to complete.
  • Change orders: Additional work added outside of the original work scope will inevitably prolong the project completion date.
  • Material Lead times: Many factors contribute to extended lead times on products. Economic factors, global pandemics, and natural disasters can lead to labor shortages and create a demand that outweighs the supply. Typically, material lead times are out of the contractor’s and homeowner’s control. That is why the next factor on this list is so important. (selections)
  • Selections: If the selection process is not decisive, it can delay the project’s start date, which impacts the overall timeline of the project. The sooner the products are selected, the sooner they can be ordered to ensure that the material lead times do not hold up the project.
  • Contractors Schedule: If the workload happens to be high, we might not be able to get to your project right away, or we might be spread too thin to have a high concentration of staffing on your project.

*Note: Timeline inevitably correlates with cost.

Now that you know and understand the many factors that can affect a project’s timeline. You are probably wondering, “What is the average timeline for my project?” Here are some averages that can help give you a general idea of what to expect.

For a new Design-Build, the average timeline is right around one year.

Remodel timelines can be challenging to predict, when unknown variables are at play it is hard to put a timeline on it. The Sales Associate must figure in a certain number of unknowns. A good contractor will be able to mitigate or foresee potential unknowns ahead of time by having years of experience and knowing what to look for. But at the end of the day, nobody can see through the walls which makes every remodel project a little bit different in time.

Kitchen and master bathrooms are common areas people like to do extensive remodels. The design phase can take anywhere from 3-4 months. From the start of construction to completion it takes another 3-4 months. So, overall you can expect a timeline of 6-8 months.

A small project like a bathroom, kitchen, or deck update would be somewhere around 4 months from start to finish. Again, half of that time would be spent on design and planning. Updates in a bath or kitchen might include new flooring, updated plumbing, electrical fixtures, updated hardware, and painting. A deck would involve the demolition of an existing deck, framing of a new deck, adding new deck boards, and new railings.

Hypothetically speaking, if you decide to partner with us, no matter what type of project you have, about 85% of your obligations will be complete when the onsite project begins. This way you will be able to sit back and relax when your project is being constructed.

Pre Fabricated Walls

Prefabricated walls are becoming more and more common. They are built in a climate-controlled, automated production facility. These facilities use cutting-edge technology so every rough opening for your windows and doors are square and plumb. This method has drastically reduced the amount of time and labor spent on the job site. It only took our crew 8 hours to set every wall in this house. Check it out!

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has had a major impact on our design process. In fact, it used to take us an average of 5-6 months to complete the design portion of a project, now it takes 3-4 months. The benefit of virtual reality comes from its accuracy and its ability to help reduce change orders. When you have the ability to walk through your project and make changes on the spot it helps you get that much closer to your final design. Renderings are helpful, and most general contractors use them to help you understand the concept of your space. The downfall of a render is that it’s on a computer and it doesn’t have the true scale-like virtual reality. That is why we decided to implement virtual reality into our design process. You throw on the VR goggles and now you are legitimately walking through your space in true scale meaning that an 80-inch door will actually appear to be 80 inches. Rendering will show you that same door but again, it’s on a computer screen so its scale is unquestionably not true.  

Every project should be an enjoyable experience. Having a general idea of how long your project might take will help you decide when you would want to start your project.


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