“What Is More Cost-Effective, Remodels or New Construction”

Remodel Vs. New Build

There are many questions that come up if you are considering a remodel or having a new home built. At Bruckelmyer Brothers, we get questions all the time regarding remodels and new builds. A couple common questions we hear are “Do you think we should remodel our home, or build new?” another one being “What is more cost-effective?” If you are contemplating whether you should do a remodel or build a new home, there are several factors you should weigh in on before coming up with a final decision. It’s helpful to explore what each path offers so that you can be certain you are making the right choice. Big decisions deserve time and thought. So, to dig deeper into this topic, I did a sit-down interview with Ed Bruckelmyer, one of the Co-Founders & Co-Owners of Bruckelmyer Brothers.


A remodel is a reconstructed addition to an existing structure that makes it different in shape or size. And a new build simply means you are starting from scratch, you must generate a design and build from the ground up. They both have advantages and disadvantages which change depending on your own unique situation. Your time, location, and budget are three important factors that can help you decide whether you should do a remodel or build a new home.

About Remodels

Remodels can be intimidating but they are well worth it if you do it right. Whether you need more room for your growing family, want to update a single room, or are ready to overhaul the whole house. The benefits of remodeling your home are substantial. The value of your home increases – at times, significantly – and it can be a critical improvement that helps you sell your home if the time comes. The pros and cons of a remodel help put things into perspective. If you love your location or neighborhood but your home just isn’t cutting it anymore. A remodel can be a good route. If you love what your current home offers but you need more space, a remodel could be the perfect option. Understanding your situation and knowing what’s most important to you will help you answer your own questions regarding remodels. Take a close look at some of the pros and cons of remodeling your home.

Pros & Cons of Remodel

About New Builds

New homes are exhilarating, and today they offer so many benefits. That perfect house you imagined that’s tailored to your family’s wants and needs can be life-changing. And there are a lot of contractors in the Twin Ports that can build a beautiful home. Having your own home personalized and customized to your needs and wants is unrivaled. Everything is clean, energy-efficient and there is no need for any updates. Again, depending on your situation having a new home built can be the best thing ever, or unfortunately, it can be a nightmare if you aren’t at peace with your decision from the start. Every builder company is different, so it’s important to do your research before choosing a contractor. You should be able to fully trust your contractor as it will improve your overall experience and make the process a lot less stressful. This is something a lot of people will NOT do, be sure to take the time to know who is working for you. Check out the pros and cons of new construction.

Prons & Cons of New Build

Determining if you should do a remodel or new construction is difficult. There are a lot of things you should factor in when deciding. Exploring the positives and negatives that each path offers is a great place to start. Everyone’s situation is a little bit different so it’s essential to know what’s most important to you. After evaluating the pros and cons of your situation, you should consider doing research on contractors in your area. Browsing the company’s website can be very informational, also looking over their reviews online can tell you a lot about the company. At Bruckelmyer Brothers we find it important to have an UpToDate website that shares information on all sides of our company.


The duration of your project is an important factor to think about. Remodels can give you the opportunity to work in spurts. You can remodel the kitchen, wait a year then remodel the bathroom. This also allows for the cost to be spread out over time giving you more financial freedom. The new builds tend to take longer due to the fact you are starting from scratch, but this isn’t always the case, some remodel especially older homes can take longer than expected depending on the condition of the structure.
In today’s world, it’s not always easy finding the ideal location. Finding a neighborhood that meets your standards can be difficult. However, the Twin Ports still offer many desirable locations to build. Locating your own land with privacy, or that perfect neighborhood that isn’t too crowded but not empty either is harder to find. That’s the huge plus side to remodeling, you can remain in your desired location and add onto whatever it is you are missing. On the flip side, if you are looking for privacy or more acreage, new construction gives you the opportunity to choose wherever it is that you want to build your dream home.
Surprisingly, the cost of a new home is not always higher than a remodel. If you are wanting a large remodel, say 2/3 of your house or a major addition, the price has the potential to surpass a new build. This kind of information can be figured out before the process begins so you know you are making the right choice. More often than not, the price of a new home will cost more but if you have big plans for remodeling, it would be smart to weigh out your options and ask questions that could help you make a decision. Not all companies offer price per square foot, but this information can give you a rough estimate. On Bruckelmyer Brothers’ new website, we share the price per square foot so that our clients can generate a more accurate estimate before meeting with us. Regarding remodels, your home’s physical features and appliances have an expiration date that isn’t exactly known but we have a rough idea of how long they do last. If you have a new build, you are taking care of all these components at once, so you are less likely to have something breakdown. Where if you are doing a remodel, one of these features could fail resulting in an unexpected cost. So what option is more cost-effective? It all depends on the scope of your project.


To find out more information on the topic of which is more cost-effective, a remodel or building new, I sat down to talk with Ed Bruckelmyer. Ed is the co-founder & co-owner of Bruckelmyer Brothers. Back in 1988, Ed and his brother Dennis created the company and at first, it was just the two brothers. Fast forward to 2021, Bruckelmyer Brothers has over 30 employees and as for Ed and Dennis, they now have a combined 75+ years of experience in this industry. Ed is humble, soft-spoken, and has one of the most intelligent minds when it comes to custom home building and remodels

1. What is more cost-effective, remodeling your home or building new?

Answer: Typically, a remodel is more cost-effective compared to new construction. However, the cost per square foot is more expensive for remodels than for new builds. This is the case for most general contractors. The reason being remodels is more surgical than new builds. The demolition is manually done by our workers rather than machines because you need to be careful so you do not harm the existing foundation or any other materials that are to be salvaged. The demolition of a remodel is more time-consuming, and time is money. So depending on the size of your remodel and the status of your foundation, a remodel can be less cost-effective than new construction.

2. During your experience what tends to be the most expensive fix during a remodel?

Answer: Anytime you have to go into the ground and create more foundation or repair the foundation, it will be more expensive. Excavation and foundation are what cost the most. When there is more labor to deal with than what’s already there, like deteriorated wood or brick, overstocked homes, or homes that are no longer up to code, this will also make your project more expensive. Ultimately, it depends on the scope of the project.

3. When remodeling, what part of your home would raise the most value?

Answer: Cosmetic upgrades. New siding, windows, doors, small kitchen remodels, and sometimes extensive remodels will help raise the value of your home the most. Adding square footage to your home will also significantly increase the value.

4. If a client is on the fence between doing a remodel and building a new home, what’s the tipping point where you think they should remodel rather than build new?

Answer: If your foundation is solid, it may be worth reusing. We used to say that there are 3 main reasons to remodel. Location, location, location. This is a huge factor. If you like the community you’re in, it’s worth considering remodeling.


At Bruckelmyer Brothers, we have guided many people through this kind of decision-making. After being in this industry for 30+ years, we know how to talk about these tough choices and how to help make it easier on you! If you are at all interested in a remodel or building new, we would love the chance to work with you.


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