Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been around for a while, in fact, it’s been around since the ’80s. This computer-generated practice allows you to enter a three-dimensional world that is not real. Within this artificial environment, you can explore and interact with the infrastructures. Over the past decade, virtual reality has significantly improved its accuracy and overall performance. All you have to do is put on the goggles, hold the sensor controllers and you are ready to navigate through the computer-generated world. The experience you get from using virtual reality is next to none when you consider how much it offers. It gives you the freedom to go anywhere and experience anything. Virtual Reality is being used in all industries across the board with breakthroughs in onsite job training, education, and construction. From Doctors getting experience doing surgery to workers performing a dangerous task on high-risk jobs, virtual reality

is helping to ensure the safety of workers and the public through a virtual experience. This practice is spreading like wildfire, many companies are now realizing the true power of virtual reality and what it can offer to its clients or employees. Virtual Reality can play a large role as it provides an immersive learning environment, it is making the world around us more educated and prepared for whatever comes next.

Virtual Reality in Construction

Many construction companies around the world are beginning to use Virtual Reality. It is becoming an essential technology within the construction trades. Large contractors have been investing in VR to help improve their projects. The 3D as-built models that represent the building have been improved and become far more accurate. As soon as the as-built models are created, they are available to export immediately which has tremendously helped collaboration. This has also drastically improved the efficiency of projects by eliminating manual work and design time. The walk-through feature in VR eliminates the time you would need to take to visit the job site, especially when you are hours or even days away from the site. All you need is the link containing the as-built model, then you are able to navigate through the entire model without traveling. Construction is a dangerous job, there are around 150,000 accidents per year! Virtual reality has helped many companies decrease the amount of accidents. Virtual training has changed the game when it comes to performing dangerous tasks.  You can create hazardous training to help eliminate accidents and injuries that happen every day. This is one of the more admirable attributes virtual reality has as the safety of construction workers has always been a concern.

How We Use Virtual Reality

Bruckelmyer Brothers added Virtual Reality to their design process, and it is giving clients faster and more accurate insight on how their custom home or project will look after completion. Having the option to use Virtual Reality comes at no additional cost. Our design team uses computer-generated imagery and content aim at simulating a real presence for our clients. This gives you the ability to walk through your home/project and make real decisions and changes so you know exactly how it will look before it’s built. It helps ensure the client of what they are getting and how their decisions are impacting the overall project. Seeing is believing, we want our clients to be able to see exactly what they are getting before the building process starts.

This practice shows complete transparency as there is now an exact model of what is to be expected when the project is complete. Virtual Reality is also a powerful interior design tool. We can include your furniture, appliances, light fixtures, wall/ceiling paint, flooring and more. Once this model is drawn it can be available to use indefinitely. If walking through virtual reality, has you concerned (motion sickness, dizziness) we can always do a walkthrough in video mode so you can still see your space in all its glory. At the end of the day, we use virtual reality to help improve the clients experience and satisfaction. We want to build you exactly what you are imagining, and now it’s easier than ever to pinpoint all your desires and needs. Virtual Reality is like a key to your home before the building process starts, this helps you feel more confident that we can build exactly what you are looking for.

Our field workers are also seeing benefits from Virtual Reality. Our design team at Bruckelmyer Brothers includes QR codes on every blueprint. The QR codes can be scanned by your phone, and it will redirect you to a virtual walk-through mode. This allows our workers to navigate through the final project model to see what it should look like to help clear up any confusion if needed.  Other QR codes included on our blueprints redirect you to a page that includes all the specs for each individual item or room. This has improved the communication between our field workers, designers, and project managers.



Benefits of Virtual Reality

One key feature of virtual reality is the sense of scale and depth. Being able to see your ideas in your home on a true scale can sometimes change how you view things. It can help confirm you are making the right decision or the wrong decision. Having the dimensions of a room is nice, but for most people, it’s hard to picture what a 10×10 room looks unless you pull out the tape measure, and even then, it is difficult. Then you wonder what that room will look like when your bed, dresser, and tv are in it. Will it be too small or maybe too big? These virtual tours give you better space visualization, so you know if your room or kitchen needs a size adjustment. Virtual reality’s true scale has astronomically helped interior design, this feature allows for you to completely customize your home exactly the way you want it all in a matter of a few clicks. Before your home or project is being built, you will know what the final product looks and feels like. Another benefit is being able to put your home in the correct geographical location. It can help determine the best position for natural sunlight to shine in your home. This will also allow you to see the exact view you would be getting from your future home’s windows. Virtual Reality has been evolving and we are seeing many of the benefits it can offer in today’s world. Can you imagine what it will look like ten years from now? This technology is making the construction world easier and more accurate, I would expect VR to be a large part of most construction companies by 2030.


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