March 26, 2020

Selections at Bruckelmyer Brothers

Selection (se-lec-tion) means “the action of carefully choosing something as being the best or most suitable,” & we would add “that our clients want/need for their project.”

The Selection process can be stressful, long, and arbitrary, where the client begins to wonder if the general contractor, they have hired, is taking care of their needs & wants.  In this article, we will explain our process of creating and approving selections, which takes the stress off the client, they get done in a reasonable amount of time, and that selections are based on the needs & wants of the client.

The selections start with the sales associate, once the client decides to move forward with their project.  There are 3 areas of the home that are covered with the selection sheets; 1. The exterior, 2. The interior, & 3. The mechanical system.  The sales associate fills these out with the client, in their home or in our office, wherever the client is meeting with us at.

The Selection sheets are filled out by hand and then typed up at the office.  The original selection sheets are available for the client to view, anytime they want in their BB client site.


Step 2 is when the interior designer and selection coordinator work together to build the selections in a digital format.  These are built with the client in mind and reflect what the client wants for their project.

Step 3 is a client selection meeting at our office.  At this meeting, the client gets to see, on their site, the selections that they are going to be asked to approve.  At the selection meeting each Selection choice is gone over with the client to make sure their needs & wants are being accurately portrayed. Many times, there are physical samples that the team gets to show the client. The client and the team at Bruckelmyer Brothers build a home puzzle together, making sure the end picture reflects what the client wants, while staying in budget.

Step 4 is after the selections are gone over, then the client starts to approve the selections.  This usually takes place at their home or on their phone.  It is very easy to approve or decline selections, and the client has the final say in what they want in their home.

Selections can be daunting but the process at Bruckelmyer Brothers takes the stress off the client and helps make the building process fun and enjoyable.  Our past clients have informed us that the selection process helps them understand what they are getting.   Our selection process is simple and has the client’s best interest in mind.