duluth home renovation

Remodel and Repair

July 3, 2017

As with all things, sometimes your home needs a little TLC, especially if your home is a little older or requires updating. Some repairs could be within the capabilities of the home owner, or depending on the nature of the project, the expertise of a professional remodeler may be needed. There may be several reasons why your home needs remodeling. According to some of our clients one of the reasons is, that the home doesn’t meet their changing lifestyle. Remodeling can also add curb appeal to your home, even if it’s just new siding installed to the exterior of the home.


Bright colors can give any home a boost, and removing a wall may make a home look larger and feel more open. And while carpet is nice, sometimes tile gives a crisp, more fresh look.

New windows, flooring, and an addition brighten and open up a room. Leaving in original features, such as the beams shown here, keep the home’s characteristics unique.

Large windows provide natural lighting, and the contrast of the white walls and tongue and groove ceiling draw attention to other aspects of the home.