What Is Your Process?

If you have never built a home before or done a home improvement project, you may be thinking, “what is the process” or “where do I start,” or maybe you have done a project, but the process was confusing and stressful, so you are hesitant to do another project.

No matter what company you go to, there will be processes. Some processes will be more refined and easier to follow. A plan should be simple and straightforward to ensure minimal confusion. At our company, we have worked to refine and improve our process to ensure that this is the case.

Know Your Contractor!

The first thing you will want to do is research some prospective contractors. The more informed you are about the company you will be using, the more confident you will be about having them do your work.

In today’s world, the internet is a great tool to familiarize yourself with companies. Websites, reviews, and social media will paint a pretty good picture and give you an idea of what the company is all about. It also gives you great insight into the type of work the contractor does or what their specialties are.


Bullish Process

What You Can Expect During The Project

We are devoted to providing you with the best service in the industry!

For this reason, we want you to be as knowledgeable or educated as possible about your project so that you always know what is happening and when.

  • Full Professional Staff At Your Disposal!
  • Communication VIA EMails and Phone Calls Occurring in a Prompt Serviceable Manner.
  • Project: Summary, To-Do’s, Schedule, Daily Logs, Documents, Video’s/Photos, Change Orders, Selections, And Invoices All Viewable VIA Your Client Online System From Commencement To Completion.
  • Emergency After Hours Number.
  • Bruckelmyer Brothers Respect The Time Of Our Clients. For This Reason, We Are In The Office Between 7 AM And 5 PM Monday-Thursday.
Captivating calm process

Our Process Broken-down

Now that you have narrowed down or decided on a contractor, it is time to contact the company in question. Since every company will have a unique process, I will be going through our process.

We use an interactive software called Buildertrend This software is a big part of our company’s day-to-day operations. With this platform, you will have access to a live Schedule, Daily logs, Photos, Documents, Selections, Change Orders, and invoices. This keeps you up to date throughout the project and ensures transparency.

When you call our office, our Client Service Representative will answer the phone and gather the necessary information to set up a sales appointment with one of our Sales Associates.
These are the things the CSR will ask for:

  • First & Last name
  • A summary of the work.
  • Phone number
  • Whether you are the owner of the property
  • A date and time for the sales associate to meet
  • Address of meeting location
  • Email address
  • Ask if any additional decision-makers will be present
  • Ask if sales conference would be an in-person or video

Once the CSR schedules an appointment with a Sales Associate, the CSR enters the information into the system. He will then email the appointment information with a sales associate photo. That way, you know who you will be meeting. The CSR will call a day before the meeting to remind you of the appointment. Also, the sales associate will contact you 30 minutes before the meeting for an additional reminder.

When you meet with the Sales Associate, he will first want to hear about your plans and ideas to ultimately understand what the project will entail. This step is essential. The more the sales associate knows about your project, the better he will come up with an accurate price.
Once you have communicated everything about the project you want to do, the sales associate will relive what you have envisioned by repeating everything you have said. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and for confirmation. At this point, the Sales Associate will also offer practical ideas and solutions.

Being that the budget is important, and everyone has a different budget. The Sales Associate will provide you with three other options: Custom, Semi-Custom, and Standard. These options are at various price points to help accommodate the varying budgets and offer different grades of building materials and the work’s extent. For example, not everyone wants to pay for high-end cabinets, but an upgrade is available if you choose to do so.(Our Cost Per SQ FT)

At this point, you can move forward with one of the three options or opt out. If your budget is too low, all is not lost. We can eliminate some of your lower-priority items to meet your budget.
Once you have signed on with Bruckelmyer Brothers, we have what we call a war room meeting. This meeting is specific to your project. In this, the sales associate discusses the project thoroughly with the sales team, project managers, Design Lead, and Lead Estimator. A tentative start date is set, a project manager is assigned to your job. The lead estimator then has enough information to begin his first step in your project and will begin building the concept scope of work and will create a price. He then will verify that the price he comes up with is correlating with your target budget. (If We are not able to meet your budget we will recommend a few contractors click here for a list of we recommend)

If your project requires design, then this is the first team that will start working on your project. The team will include a Project manager, Design Lead, Interior Designer, and Lead Estimator. Throughout the entire design project, the three phases simultaneously work together: Concept Design, Selections, and Concept Scope.

A kick-off meeting is scheduled for the team to meet with the client. The sales associate hands the project over to the project manager and talks through all details at this meeting. From this point forward, the PM is now in control of the project. Remodel meetings will be onsite. New construction meetings are at our office. In this meeting, we go over any design ideas you have (Images, plans, house style, etc.).

In the First concept meeting, the lead draftsman will go over the architectural drawings, discuss space planning, layout, and mechanical options that BB came up with. You then have the opportunity to step into Virtual Reality (Check out our VR Assisted Design) to visualize your space. Once we all feel confident with the direction of your design, the interior designer will then discuss selections. Selections are a broad spectrum of products that make up the aesthetics of your home.

After the first concept meeting, the following steps will be revision drawings. Depending on the number of edits that are made to the plan, the lead designer will send the subsequent revisions via email or request another appointment. If there is no need to have an in-person meeting, the designer will send an email including a pdf of the updated plans, a list of all the edits to look for in the new plan, and a link to view a 3D model of your project. When the layout is complete, the estimator will create an estimate of the concept design and compare it to the original target budget that was considered at the beginning of the project. If there is any concern with the projected estimate, your sales associate will meet with you to discuss the direction of your project.

After this meeting, if you decide you do not like the direction we are going, or if you want to back out for any reason, we will provide you with 100% of your money back.
Once all the revisions have been gone through, the last concept plan will be the Final Concept Drawings. At this time BB will have the plans finalized (layout, concept cabinet design, electrical plan, plumbing plan, finish schedule, tile design) and all selections picked out. Having this work done upfront creates a very seamless transition into the bid phase. The numbers will be very close and will reduce the number of change orders down the road.

The next phase will be Working Drawings. The first step is to build bid drawings, this is adding more information for the subcontractors, vendors, and estimators to accurately price your project. Once the drawings are complete, the estimator will send the plans out to subcontractors and vendors for bids. After the estimator gathers all his information, he will then create a scope of work.

Now the scope of work is created and ready for you to approve. The scope of work is a detailed list of the work that will be performed from start to finish. At this point, the original salesperson will meet with you to go over this document to make sure nothing has been missed. If it all looks good, you sign it, and we move forward.

By this point, 80-90% of your obligations are fulfilled. BB then will create permit drawings, detailed cabinetry drawings, and construction drawings. It may seem like a lot of work upfront, which it is. The more work that is done on the front end, the more you will enjoy the actual building process.
Next, the project manager implements the schedule, which means that the construction schedule has been created and put online. You will now be able to access this calendar on Buildertrend to stay updated with the plan.

The Project Manager will set up a meeting with you a week before or the week of the project’s start date to establish any last-minute details and familiarize himself with the project. The project manager will also go over the project with the foreman that has been assigned to your project.
Finally, the day is here. The real work begins. Your project will now be starting on site.

Once the project begins, the project manager will be onsite at least two times a week to oversee and guide the project. Ultimately the foreman will be running the project onsite. The foreman will do a daily log of the progress on-site and post it on Buildertrend; that way, you can stay updated throughout the project.

Now that the project is underway, the next thing we need from you is a confirmation walk-through on your preferences on the layout for plumbing fixtures, electrical, HVAC, and flooring layout. On most projects, these walkthroughs with the subcontractors will happen after the house is framed and spread throughout the same day.

After the project is close to completion, the project manager walks around and makes a punch list of items that need to be taken care of. These items are loose ends that got missed or defects.

Once all the work is done and the punch list items have been taken care of. The Sales Associate will meet with you to ensure that you are delighted with the work that we performed. We Strive for Client Satisfaction Every Time!



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