New Year, New Logo, New Home

February 18, 2020

Started the new year off in January with the construction continuing on a Bruckelmyer Brothers “Smart home design”. The month began with headers being built and snapping lines and stripping forms. Framing of the walls and the front porch trusses were started!  We ended the first week with all exterior walls standing ready to plumb and sheath, and the interior walls beginning our next week.  

The week of January 13tthe crew started with the framing of the interior walls and sheeting the exterior.  Tyvek and bottom seal were put over the foundation and the layout for the trusses began. Sheathing, Tyvek, interior walls, sheeting gables, and foundation wrap all being completed and ended out the week  

Another week passed us by, and we are heading into the end of January.  The week of January 20th we had to do some snow removal around the house and preparations for more trusses. The week continued with roof framing, and our custom Cabinetry Shop finishing up some of the beam work going into this beautiful home!  

Moving right into February with the roof starting to be sheeted and framed!  



Headers: Beams that are used for support in a wood-frame.  It can be used for openings in doorways, windows, skylight, or stairways.  

Framing: Fitting together of wood, engineered wood, or structural steel to give structure support and shape.  

Trusses: Triangle shaped units joined with straight members to evenly distribute weight and to support changing tension and compression.  

Plumb and Sheath: Plumb- A perfect vertical line or feature…Sheath – forming a surface where other materials can be applied. 

Tyvek: A house wrap made from synthetic material and used to protect the home during the construction process. 

Girder: Iron or steel beam (or compound structure) used for building the framework of the home.