front view of a home

Let the Bruckelmyer Brothers Give You the Home You’ve Been Dreaming Of

March 20, 2019

Ed and Dennis Bruckelmyer founded Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction LLC in 1988 in northern Minnesota. Since then, we have been serving the communities of Minnesota and Wisconsin for their home construction and remodeling needs. We offer many different services and have established themselves as influential leaders in the industry.


Custom Built Homes


Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction has become a leader in custom home design for Minnesota and Wisconsin. We use the latest in technology to provide as much detail as you need to visualize your home. This level of detail allows you to make informed decisions before ground is broken.


We are known for our relaxed atmosphere, and we work with only highly skilled subcontractors. Our projects are highly organized, clean, and the results are durable and dependable. We have the same people working on the same tasks from one project to another, which provides a level of consistency that our competitors envy.


Home Remodeling


If it’s time to make some changes in your home, Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction can give you what you need. Whether it’s a small project or a complete transformation of your living space, we can make the project a success. We have custom woodshop craftsmen who work with our design team to match any style you may have.


We can alter your space to create more room for your family. We’ll help you through the permit process. We can use your architectural plans to rework your home, all while staying conscious of your budget. Doing it right the first time is important, and we use materials that will stand the test of time.


Custom Cabinets


Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction makes robust custom cabinets and closets that are made to last a long time. We can give you 3D renderings of how your space will look with our state-of-the-art computer software so you can judge beforehand whether the concept will fit your needs.


Our custom closets are specially designed for your space. We can match any décor and add accessories to save space. You’ll be surprised how easy it becomes to organize even with a small closet once our design team has your concept ready.


Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction makes your custom cabinets in-shop. This way, we can assure you will get the highest quality cabinets on schedule because we don’t have to depend on delivery promises from other manufacturers.


Custom Building Design Services


At Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction, we can provide you with the latest in design services while maintaining consistency and accountability over the course of the project. Our creative team can give you many different architectural styles.


We begin with an interview where you can sketch your ideas for us. Any sketches you have made, a site survey showing the lot dimension and elevations, a list of notes… all these will be helpful to us in achieving your goal.


We then visit the site to gather more information and begin work on preliminary drawings. Once you have seen and approved the early concepts, we proceed to make the working drawings. During this phase we make final decisions on details like roofing and siding.


Ed and Dennis always value quality craftsmanship and first-rate customer service. If you have a home you want designed or remodeled, contact Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction and find out why their customers are so satisfied with the service they received. Don’t wait another day to get the home of your dreams.