Is Bruckelmyer Brothers Home Maintenance Program For You?


    Most homeowners are already aware of how much responsibility and time that goes into maintaining the health of your home. It is very important to keep up with your home maintenance as it can help you save money, reduce your anxiety, and overall, it will allow your home to function properly. Bruckelmyer Brothers have built out a home maintenance and repair program to help provide the people with a service that eliminates all these problems centered around your home maintenance. This program will not be a good fit for everyone as some of you are fully capable of doing your maintenance projects yourself. However, after doing some extended research and creating polls of our own, we have found the three most common reasons people tend to avoid their home maintenance and repairs. If you can relate with one or more of these reasons, I feel that you would be a good fit for our program.

    The first reason is by far the most common and it goes something like this, “I am too busy” or “I can’t find the time”. Whether it’s the kid(s) have a soccer game, or it was a long day at work and it’s already late. Some way or another, people are not able to find the time to do their maintenance or repairs. This is relatable for many of us as life seems to become busier as the year’s progress. In a survey that we made on Facebook, we asked the public, “Do you regularly keep up with your home maintenance?”. From this survey we had people vote in both directions, 53% of the voters said “yes” they do keep up with their maintenance. The other 47% of people who voted said “no” they do NOT keep up with their home maintenance. These results were interesting, a large majority of the people who voted no also left comments mentioning that they are busy with work or their kids, so it makes it hard for them to complete any of their maintenance or repairs. I can understand where they are coming from, kids are a lot of responsibility, and spending time with them is a priority when you are not at work. It’s hard to fit everything into one schedule so sometimes your home maintenance gets tossed on the back burner.  

    Another common reason is that you simply lack the knowledge of how to fix the issue.  I have a good idea of what you are thinking. “The internet can answer all my questions or concerns about home maintenance!” In today’s world, you are not wrong, the internet has a lot of good information on home maintenance and repairs. The information may be out there for you to learn so you can tackle these problems yourself but that does not always mean you are going to do it right or even do a good job as some home maintenance is a lot more complicated than you think. I am sure some of you have probably rented in the past, so home maintenance was never an issue as most rentals take care of that for you. Recent surveys conducted by The Harris Poll & commissioned by Puls, found that 42% of the 1300 surveyors felt embarrassed about their knowledge on home maintenance. So clearly, you do not have to be shamed as you are not alone if you lack any kind of knowledge that has to do with maintaining your home.

Lastly, your age can sometimes keep you from doing home maintenance or repairs. Growing old is not easy. It makes everyday life harder, especially when it comes to the preservation of your home. Getting on your roof is now harder and more dangerous because you do not have the energy or strength like you used to. Aging is a bittersweet feeling, you obviously become more intelligent the older you get, but the physical aspects of life become much harder. Again, this is nothing to be ashamed of as this applies to everyone at some point in time. In some cases, we find family members taking care of their elder’s home maintenance because they are not capable of performing these roles anymore. I would tell just about anyone that you should go, help mom and dad, if they aren’t capable but sometimes that’s not a possibility because your plate is already full.

    If you can relate with at least one of these reasons of why you have not been staying up to date on your home maintenance than I know you would be a good fit for Bruckelmyer Brothers home maintenance and repair program. The main reason we started this program is so that we can help prevent potential problems or fix current problems at your home. It is crucial for your home to operate efficiently, and it will give you peace at mind knowing that you have professionals coming to take care of your every need. We would take initiative of all the responsibilities having to do with your home maintenance, so you no longer have to worry if your hot water heater trips out or about that leaky

faucet. We would do a complete home inspection for you, so you are aware of what needs attention. Our services come with a 24/7 emergency line so we can take care of your problems even when it seems impossible. Our employees are professionals, their intentions are to help the situation rather than judge the situation. We aim to build a healthy reliable relationship with our clients so that you can rely on us coming to your home and fixing the problem. We have done our homework on what makes you good fit for our program, now it is time to do some thinking

of your own. First, find out your homes pain points (problems & concerns). Then ask yourself if you believe it is worth having these taken care of in the most professional way. If you believe our program will benefit you or your family than reach out to Bruckelmyer Brothers at (218)525-2344.


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