Custom made closet

Increase Your Storage and Organization with Custom Closets

November 12, 2018

If you are struggling to stay organized in your current closet, we have the solution for you. Not every closet will work for everyone, which is why designing a custom closet just for your needs is a perfect fit. We can help to provide suggestions for easy access to all your favorite pieces while keeping everything in its own place. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons for a closet makeover in your home.


Design Your Closet Space


Don’t let organizational ideas that come out of a box define your closet. Instead, design your closet to fit your wardrobe needs. Create a customized combination of shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and closet cabinets to turn your closet into an organizational system that works for your life. If you love shoes, let us design a custom shoe closet. Need to hang your suits? We can create floor-to-ceiling hanging racks that fit them perfectly. The possibilities are endless.



Create a Closet Island


We all know that kitchen islands can be a huge organizational help, but how about a closet island? We’ll help you design the perfect storage area for all of your accessories and clothing needs while the top of

the island gives you a flat space to fold laundry, put jewelry trees, stage your outfits and so much more. You won’t understand how you got along without one in the first place.


Specific Design Elements


Tell us what your biggest organizational nightmare is in your closet, and we can work together to tidy things up. Belts, socks, jewelry, and shoes are some of the biggest complaints. We’ve got a solution to organize them all. From drawers and cabinets to hooks and hangers, we will help you design the closet that helps you get organized and keep it organized. Everything has its own place in a custom closet, making it easy to never lose your favorites again.



Space Optimization


When you design your own closet space, it allows you to optimize storage space. Put the things you use daily towards the front of the racks, while the lesser-used items or seasonal pieces use the spaces towards the top of the closet. We’ll give you quick access to the things you need with plenty of room for everything.



Your personalized closet is only a phone call away. Our design team is ready and waiting to help you turn your dreams into reality. Get in touch with us today and get ready to love your closet again