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The health of your home is important to you, and us too. While maintenance is a critical component of homeownership, developing a proactive plan is something many families forget when schedules get busy or money gets tight.

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About Home Maintenance

Here at Bruckelmyer Brothers, we know tackling home maintenance helps you avoid emergency repairs down the road – and that’s exactly why we built out Planned Home Maintenance services. The following list is some of the items our plans come with.

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Preventative Maintenance

Trust Us to Proactively Maintain Your Home with Planned Home Maintenance

“Nearly half (48%) of all American homeowners say unexpected home repair costs have caused them anxiety,” states the Pulse on Homeownership Report, and we don’t want that for you. Our Home Care Maintenance Plan helps you take care of your most valuable asset. It starts with a comprehensive inspection so not a single detail is missed. Then, we do everything your home needs to stay as functional, safe, and comfortable as ever.


Ensure a Pleasant Home Environment, Always

HVAC systems are a big investment, and proactive maintenance is key to preventing small problems from becoming big issues. According to the State of Home Spending, “one in three homeowners reports having to complete an emergency home project, costing them three times as much for the repair.” With our Planned Home Maintenance, we help you keep utility bills lower, extend the life of your equipment, increase the performance of your heating and cooling system and reduce or eliminate the need for costly repairs — all while keeping your family comfortable, no matter the season.


Protect Against Emergencies, Aging & Wear and Tear

Clean water is not only essential – it provides us joy and comfort. With our Planned Home Maintenance, we ensure your home is cared for when leaking pipes, clogs and other plumbing headaches sneak up on you. This service covers everything needed to keep your plumbing system operating at its intended use. This is important, as “homeowners admitted to suffering some serious consequences from not maintaining their homes, with much of the damage related to water,” notes the United States by Harris poll.


Stay Safe and Comfortable with Planned Home Maintenance

When the electricity goes out from a failure inside the house, it is often extremely inconvenient and expensive. Bruckelmyer Brothers are here to help you avoid those high, emergency costs and potentially life-threatening issues. Our Planned Home Maintenance gives us the proactive responsibilities of inspections, electrical panel maintenance, and routine repairs for your home’s wiring, switches, and outlets.

Home Repair

Ensure Your Home Functions Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Attention to detail – it’s one of the key values that sets Bruckelmyer Brothers apart from other builders. If you’re seeking to breathe new life into your historic home, while staying true to its original design, or simply looking to make minor improvements in a more modern space – you’ve come to the right place. No matter the project scope, we guarantee our restoration and alteration work will enhance your home’s beauty and preserve its heritage.

Recent Projects

Design-Build New Home

Hartley Estates

Duluth, MN

Design-Build New Home

Upper LakeSide

Duluth, MN

{“We are so pleased with our new addition & remodeling. We enjoyed being back here this summer. We have gotten many compliments. We’d be more than happy to show what you have done if you have anyone who wants to see it.”
{“Some sixteen months ago when we first started thinking about building our third new home, we were a bit nervous about tackling a 6,000 square foot project. We had experienced less than favorable results with the two different contractors we had used in 1977 and 1990. We asked many couples who they would recommend, and the Bruckelmyer name came up several times. Realtors, lenders, and homeowners all urged us to meet with you. After our first meeting, Cheryl was convinced she wanted to hire your firm. Being the skeptical person I am, I felt I needed to get proposals. After obtaining proposals from other contractors, we asked to visit with former clients of each builder to get their feedback. Every Bruckelmyer homeowner sang your praises. This was very comforting and made us confident that we would be pleased with choosing your firm. Two of the three Bruckelmyer homeowners stated emphatically that we really didn’t need to get bids. We would be better off just hiring Bruckelmyer Brothers to do the work and not worry about price. (As it turned out your firm offered the best value of any of the firms we sought bids from.) Now that you have completed our new home, I just can’t tell you how thrilled we are with the superb job you did for us. The words that come to mind when describing your firm and your subcontractors are: talented, knowledgeable, honest, hard-working, reliable, and humble. The first thing that surprised me was that your crews showed up every day, all day, on time. The job site was far cleaner than any builder we’ve used in the past and your workers were pleasant, polite, and accommodating. The quality of work, from the masons, framers, electricians, plumbers, sheet rockers, painters, and finishing carpenters was uniformly great. No one ever cut corners, no one ever complained about the many change orders we requested, and everyone on the job-site was a pleasure to work with. As you know I decided along the way to hire out a very small portion of the work to certain sub-contractors. For each portion I decided to tackle on my own, I ended up with less than stellar results. In every case, I should have used the folks you recommended. Every sub-contractor that you used performed with the same high quality that we hoped for. I learned a valuable lesson, and that was to let the general contractor be responsible for the entire project. I must also mention that having your firm make all of our cabinetry was one of the smartest moves we made. The craftsmanship was awesome. Cheryl and I would be most pleased to show any prospective client our beautiful new home. Please call us at any time for a showing. We both want to thank you again for the terrific job you did for us. Should we ever decide to build again, we’ll make only one call, and that’s to Bruckelmyer Brothers!!”
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