Terrazzo flooring

Gorgeous 2019 Design Trends That Will Make You Want to Renovate

December 12, 2018


If you’re dreaming in deep green paint swatches or glittering terrazzo, you’re already a step ahead of 2019 interior design trends. The New Year is the perfect time to start planning your dream home makeover. Bruckelmyer Brothers can turn your visions into reality in a way that’s easy, efficient, and exceeds your highest expectations. Check out these four design trends for 2019 to see what sparks your imagination. Then, reach out to see how we can renovate your home in Duluth.


Colors of the Year: Deep, Rich Shades


No design trend list for 2019 is complete without a Color of the Year. Behr’s pick is Blueprint, a rich blue-gray color that is suave and elegant as well as bright and creative. It’s an ideal shade for accent walls, doors, cabinets, and other places that could use a pop of trendy color. It’s a complex shade – both soothing and entrancing. PPG Paints chose Night Watch as its Color of the Year. It is another deep and luxurious shade, but this one is green. It evokes natural tones and is eye-catching and impactful anywhere in a room.


Terrazzo Everything


Terrazzo will take over home interior design in 2019, growing from the budding interest in this marble or granite chipped look in 2018. Terrazzo is beautiful and versatile, adding a special something to floors, countertops, showers, walls, and furniture. Remodeling your home with splashes of terrazzo will give it personality and style, with a timeless trend that’s come back since its heyday in the ‘80s. Quartz is also a popular material in 2019, especially during kitchen renovations. Resurface your countertops with high-quality quartz to upgrade the entire room.


Back to the Roots


One trend you’ll love if you want to turn your home into a relaxing space away from your busy work life is the push toward craft, artisanal, and boutique designs. Designers are turning away from geometric shapes of last year and more toward homemade, nature-inspired colors and pieces. Remodel your bedroom, master bath, living room, kitchen, or any room with the trend of au naturel in mind and create a retreat you’ll love coming home to.


Eco-Friendly Building


Being good to the environment never goes out of style. In 2019, homeowners will continue infusing new ways to help the earth into their building projects. Consider remodeling your home with eco-friendly features such as energy-saving appliances, recycled countertop materials, bamboo accents, and living-plant walls. Discuss your creative and custom options with an experienced general contractor in Duluth today at Bruckelmyer Brothers.