Frequently Asked


Do you do outside work during the winter?

Yes, we continue our projects into the winter if we are capable. We supply every employee at Bruckelmyer Brothers with the appropriate, top-of-the-line winter gear to help them get through the cold months.


Do you provide free estimates?

There is no charge, at the end of the sales meeting our sales associate will provide you with options based on how custom your project is.


Which subs/vendors do you use?

  • Hedley Construction (Tile)              
  • Superior Flooring & Surfaces by Design
  • North Star Drywall
  • OJA Electric Inc.
  • Simco Electric
  • Powerworks
  • Ferguson (Plumbing)
  • Harbor Mechanical & Design Heating
  • Lakeview Masonry
  • Weets Bros Flatwork Inc.
  • Adsco (Supplies)
  • Proctor Builders (Supplies)
  • Kaski Inc.
  • Hedberg (Excavator)

Do you do inspections?

Yes, however, we do charge for home inspections. It starts with a comprehensive inspection so not a single detail is missed. After the inspection, you will receive a full written report on your home.


Do you guys self perform the work?

70% of our work is done in-house, the other 30% is hired out to specific sub-contractors. The sub-contractors we hire have worked with us for years, some for over 20 years.


Do you guys fix cabinets?

Yes, as a general contractor we will repair any cabinet. Depending on the status of your cabinets, we will recommend if you should replace any of your cabinets.


what design plan do most of your clients go with?

This completely depends on personal preference, however, a lot of people tend to lean towards the traditional craftsman style home. This style has abundant use of wood throughout the home.


do you work with architects?

Yes, we work with architects and will follow their plans. Other times we will work together with an architect to create & design plans.


Can you build from plans we bring you?

Yes, we will absolutely build from plans you bring to us. They must be permit-ready. We will carefully analyze the plans before beginning the project to make sure the process will be smooth and efficient.


Can you give us design ideas?

Yes, we have a professional in-house design team. Our Lead Design, Cabinet Designer and Interior Designer will help create ideas and guide you through the entire process. Our team is experienced, confident, and happy to help.     


How far do you travel?

Within 120-150 miles of Duluth, MN.


Do you do Remodels?

Yes, Bruckelmyer Brothers have remodeled hundreds of homes across Minnesota & Wisconsin. The most common remodels we do are, kitchen, bathroom or whole-house remodels.  


How does your life-time warranty work?

Any new structure comes with a lifetime warranty, it’s set up for the structure and the materials. Everything must be purchased through Bruckelmyer Brothers. We will give you a warranty the entire time you live there. For example, if a water heater goes bad after 7 years, we will replace it. But you have to show proof of maintenance in order to receive the warranty. 


do you supply cabinets for homes you do not build?

Yes, we are a general contractor meaning if we supply the cabinets, we will also install them. Properly installing cabinets is a process within itself so we highly recommend having our team of experts install them.


What is your PHM program?

This is our Planned Home Maintenance program. The driving force behind our program is simple. We want to help you save time, and help fix any current or future problems. With the help of our experts, you can avoid emergency fixes, reduce repair costs, protect your home from damage and get time back to yourself. For more information refer back to the home maintenance page on our website.

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