By utilizing Design-Build and specializing in unique and difficult home projects we bring impeccable craftsmanship to the table as well as speed and efficiencies. Our team is highly skilled at producing your vision into reality with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we leave no client on unfavorable terms!

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About Design – Build.

This construction project delivery method is the fastest-growing, most popular in the United States – for good reason. Design-build projects are completed 102% faster than traditional design-bid-build projects (DBIA). Aligned with industry best practices, Bruckelmyer Brothers’ Design-Build process gives our valued clients the convenience of one contract, a single point of delivery and a collaborative approach from design to execution. 



The Owner manages only one contract with a single point of responsibility. The designer and contractor work together from the beginning, as a team, providing unified project recommendations to fit the Owner’s schedule and budget.



 The traditional method or hard bid is a project delivery method in which the agency or owner contracts with separate entities for the design and construction of a project.


Contruction Manager At Risk

A delivery method entails a commitment by the Construction Manager (CM) to deliver the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

”Design-Build 102% Faster than traditional design-bid-build(DBB)”

”Design-Build 61% Faster than construction manager at risk(CMR)”

Modern Home Duluth MN

A Design Build Firm

As a Design-Build firm, we take on two major roles in the project, Design, and Construction which means less risk for you with one point of responsibility. When you choose Design-Build you’re choosing less stress and risk, working under one entity we try and make the biggest project of your life as easy and seemly as possible  Working closely with our in-house design team through the concept phase help reduce mistakes that cost time and money. Some might say with the swiftness of Design-Build your project may lose quality this is a false belief. Quality is a cornerstone of Bruckelmyer Brothers. The timeframe is reduced as a result of concurrent activities and one-point contact reducing commutation errors.

What this means for you

  • Single Point of Contact
  • Single Point of Responsibility
  • Open/Transparent Communication
  • Faster Project Delivery
  • Risk minimization
  • Efficiency
  • Quality of Work
  • Control of Project

Advantages of Design-Build

  • Saves Time & Money
  • Collaboration
  • Construction 13% Faster
  • Delivery Speed 61% Faster
  • Minimizes Owner Risk
  • Higher Quality Projects
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Transparent Communication
  • Single Point of Responsibility
Entryway Stairs

Recent Projects

Design-Build New Home

Hartley Estates

Duluth, MN

Design-Build New Home

Upper LakeSide

Duluth, MN

{“We are very pleased with your work, which exceeded our expectations. Your reputation for quality and integrity is deserved. The process from start to finish was well planned and followed, and all the usual construction issues were well managed. Changes were implemented with ease and the cost well explained. If we ever had to build again, we would use Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction and we will certainly recommend you.” Best Wishes
{“The English language needs to create a word stronger than “thank you”, as I feel those two words are not enough to represent our gratitude. I remember Ed saying that choosing a contractor was like a marriage; I now realize how true that statement is. As with any project, there were ups and downs but through it all, the thing that resonated with us the most was your honesty, humbleness, and sincerity. The fact that you allowed us to be vocal without passing judgment about our wants, needs, and concerns was comforting. The process took us further out of our comfort zone than we ever could have anticipated and you both did an excellent job of reassuring us when necessary. Your customer service is second to none. John and I have a 48-hour rule; if someone doesn’t respond in 48 hours we will be contacting him/her again. We NEVER had to do this through the entire year and a half process with you. The majority of the time you answered our emails within hours if not minutes. I cannot tell you how grateful we are for that fact. It helped us keep our sanity and probably saved me from some tearful, sleepless nights worrying over something that was really nothing. The craftsmanship of your crews is superb. Their attention to detail is astounding. It’s the smallest details such as the trim under the treads of the stairs or the 45-degree miter on the deck posts that make a job look polished rather than just finished. The coffered ceiling in the kitchen, the beams in the great room and office, and all of the cabinetry work is absolutely beautiful. We get compliments each time someone comes to the house. We also appreciate the little things like Dan hanging the basketball hoop and placing a stop behind the refrigerator so it doesn’t go back too far. Again, thank you for your service and continued communication. Please know you are more than welcome to stop by and see the “finished”/”staged”/”furnished” look of the home at any time; we’d be happy to show you around. (Twin toddlers give really good tours!) Best wishes for the future!”

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