Celebrate your passion and connection with the beauty of the outdoors through rich, hand-crafted wood cabinetry, and wood furnishings for your home, office, or cabin. Whether it’s painted or stained, Bruckelmyer Brothers provide the highest quality custom cabinets in the Northland. With our expert designers and talented cabinet makers, your dreams can become reality. 

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Custom Cabinets

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From your first touch with our design team, who are proudly accredited by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), to final construction – we’re confident you’ll end each project with Bruckelmyer Brothers proud of your choice of partners. We start by listening and finish projects with stain or paint selected to suit your preferred colors and/or style. When the options are limitless, as they are with woodworking and cabinetry, selecting a trusted partner means the difference between a decent home and a dream home.

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Custom Kitchen

Hand Crafted Custom Cabinetry

Indulge In Expert Woodworking, Tailored Just To You

From the enchanting forests of North America and across the world – straight to your home, office, or cabin. Build lasting beauty, convenience, and creativity to your living spaces by selecting high-quality wood as your canvas from our Custom Wood Shop. Not only designed to suit your lifestyle and aesthetic, custom cabinets and furniture support your uniquely shaped spaces, storage inclinations, and daily habits.

Closet & Storage Systems

Stylish, Robust, and Fabricated to Organize Your Life Forever

We encourage you to stop settling for a cluttered household. With a custom closet from Bruckelmyer Brothers, enjoy a thoughtfully designed, organized space thanks to the help of our expertly-trained, skilled craftsmen. No more sagging shelves and rods. No more cramming things into a space too small to hold it all. With a closet built by our Custom Wood Shop, we guarantee your organization system will be improved, forever.

Custom Closets
Custom Kitchen Painted

Painted Cabinets

Explore Your Aesthetic With Hand-Painted Wood

Do you love the feel of open-beamed ceilings and old-world timbers? Our custom shop is well known for its ability to fabricate Structural grade timber trusses & beams that accent any décor while supporting the snow loads on Northern MN & WI roofs effortlessly. Structural metal accents, rods, arches, turnbuckles, and so on, create interest while strengthening connections. Renovating? No problem, we can assemble on-site or in our facility.
And if you’re seeking something a bit more low-key, minimalist houses have a simple, straightforward, and efficient plan layout with stacked volumes of spaces. Simple forms, open floor plans, minimal interior walls, modest storage areas, and an emphasis on views and daylight are defining characteristics of many minimalist floor plans.

Stained Cabinets

Explore Your Aesthetic With Hand-Stained Wood

Whether painting your interior wood products or staining, we take the headache out of selecting and finishing your cabinetry, closet systems, beams, coffered ceilings, interior & exterior doors, interior and exterior trims, wood sidings, and on and on. With computer matching and a perfectly dialed mixing system, we can match nearly any color or create your very own custom tone. Next time you’re in one of our projects run your hand along with the trim or cabinetry, you will quickly feel the Bruckelmyer Brothers difference. Our people take great pride in creating products that not only look great and are smooth to the touch but also will withstand the rigors of family use year after year.

Custom Stained Kitchen
Custom Timber Mantel


Just because you only have a fire going sometimes doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to enjoy the warmth and beauty of your mantel any time. We will create your custom fireplace mantel using nearly any type of wood to get the look you want. And our expert team will fully customize your mantel to your exact specifications and style. We can even add hand-carved elements and features.

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Design-Build New Home

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{” We have been extremely pleased with our custom cabinetry thanks to your professional team. The quality, installation, workmanship and customer service have far surpassed our expectations.”
{“We have lived in our new Bruckelmyer house now for two months. It is the completion of our dream to return to the land and it is an understatement to say that we are enjoying it. Wherever we look, we are reminded of the months of planning and craftsmanship that put it all together. We knew that we would be satisfied with the house you built for us, but we were not fully prepared for the unique experience we were undertaking with the Bruckelmyer team. You really do operate as a well-oiled machine composed of craftsmen who take pride in what they produce. Everyone you put us in contact with was talented and professional. They each made us feel that this house was the most important project they had ever tackled and they wanted it to be perfect for us. When there were problems, you handled them behind the scenes because we were never bothered by them. You made the process appear relaxed and easy. We loved the whole parade experience perhaps because it was so much fun to share this beautiful product with so many people. Your wonderful reputation certainly was evident with the crowd that showed up to see your latest product. We still encounter people who tell us they were here and admire this or that feature of the house. Folks occasionally tell horrible stories about their building process. We could not have had a more opposite experience. We felt sad that the whole contact had to end because knowing all of you and the integrity with which you live your lives has certainly enriched ours. As you know, Dick had to be dragged aboard in the beginning. We had never forked over that much of his money to anyone before in his life. However, we quickly became a willing player when he realized the quality of what he was getting. We look forward to growing old in this cozy, wonderful home that you created for us. Thank you for demonstrating what home building and trust are really about in your world.”

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