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Custom Cabinetry

Our custom cabinetry is constructed using only the latest advances in hardware and features as standard items. For example, we use only solid ¾” dovetailed Hard Maple drawers which are mounted on soft close self-close undermount glides and the doors are mounted on concealed soft close hinges. All the casework is constructed using only ¾” prefinished birch plywood for all components. This assures us that none of the components will ever move or swell or delaminate in the event of the presence of excess moisture. We only use solid wood for our doors and drawer fronts and they are finished with the best finishes available which also assures us that we will not be getting any call backs due to lifting or flaking finishes. All of our finishing is done in house with our signature high-quality hand finishing process.


Custom Closets

The closets we build for all of our projects including remodels, custom homes and your personal closet project are typically made using our in-house prefinished birch ply system. The shelves and vertical partitions are constructed using a ¾” prefinished birch plywood with a solid wood edge to match. We also offer custom closets which can include built-in benches, islands, armoires, drawer highboys and jewelry organizer drawer units. These can be built of any wood species which can be finished or painted to complement any house decor. For additional convenience, we have an array of accessories which can be planned into your closet project.


Custom Timber Framed Trusses

Many of our home and remodel projects we have constructed have featured our in-house solid Timber Frame Trusses. We have the capability to build engineered structural timber trusses that will be left exposed to view either on the outside or inside of the building. We work with structural engineers to specify the structural dimensions and connections to assure you that you will have a sound structure when completed. These structural trusses and beams can be textured and finished in many ways to compliment the interior as well as the exterior decor.


Custom Beams

Many of the projects we construct have decorative beams planned into the interior design. We build these either with solid timbers or more often using a hollow structure. The hollow beams are made of solid ¾” wood of any species and they can be built of virtually any length and width and height and can be finished to match any interior decor. The advantage of a hollow beam is that they will never split and this allows a more refined look to the beams, they are also much lighter and easier to install. We construct the hollow beams with a unique glued mitre lock joinery which gives an unbreakable connection at the corners which will never open, this also gives the look of a solid wood beam with the benefits of hollow beams.


Plan Your Dream Home

Plan your dream home and be assured that Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction LLC will turn it into “brick-and-mortar” reality. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.