Cabinet Shop

March 5, 2020

Cabinets that Fit the home and fulfil the expectations of the dreamer!

     Cabinet Design & Cabinet Building

All of our cabinets are made in our custom cabinet shop, which allows us to build each item to the client’s wishes.  Our process in the cabinet shop goes through the following steps;


                Each client has their own style, color choice, desires, wishes, etc.  Our Design team & Selection Coordinator work with each client to ensure their project is fabricated to what they want and will fit the needs of the workspace.  Once the concept drawings are done, it gets attached to the Selection for each room so that the client is assured its exactly what they want.  Then the client approves the Selection it goes on-to the next step, cabinet shop book.

Cabinet Shop book

       The cabinet shop book is the drawings that show what each part needs to be built too.  This book is what the cabinet craftsmen use to guide them through the building process.  This book has all the sizes of every part, the species of wood of every part, the spacing between doors and drawer fronts, the layout of the room where the cabinet is going, the location of the fixtures, appliances, and any other items that will be installed in the cabinets.  The cabinet shop book has a 3-D rendering of each room (like the top picture on this blog) that shows what the result will be before any fabrication takes place.  Once the cabinet shop book is final and inserted in a binder, the purchaser makes sure we have enough material on hand to start fabricating the room.

Plywood Fabrication

        All of our cabinet components start as full sheets of plywood.  The cabinet book has the size of each part, so the fabricator knows what to cut it too.  At this stage, the plywood is ripped (the process of milling the wood with the grain) or cross-cut (the process of cutting perpendicular to the grain) to the correct size.  We then Dato the plywood for the backs, sides, and horizontal partitions.  The next step is to begin drilling for shelf brackets.  We move onto routering out the toe kick and fabricating a rabbit on the edge where the face frame will attach.

Face Frame Fabrication

        All of our cabinet components start as rough wood.  The cabinet book has the size of each part, so the fabricator knows what to cut it too.  At this stage, the fabricator takes the rough wood and rips it down to size.  Each part of the face frame has a name, and so each part gets cut and assembled in that order.   After the face frame is assembled, it is sanded flat, and then pad sanded, with the edges eased to finish, will stick to it.

Dovetail Drawer Fabrication

        A Dovetail joint is a technique that we use on our drawer boxes because of its resistance to being pulled apart.  Each drawer side, back, and the front is ¾” thick, hard Maple & the bottom is ¼” Maple plywood, five layers thick.  Each drawer is built to exact specifications, so the hardware, the drawer glides, and the brackets all work together to create a solid drawer, one that does not give you any trouble, opening, or closing, & it looks nice too.  We burn our Logo into our drawers so that you know the quality is behind everyone.

Door & Drawer Front Fabrication

        A 5 piece cabinet door or drawer front is comprised of a four-piece frame and a center panel.  The two outside parts of the frame are called stiles, and the top & bottom parts are called rails.  This construction method allows many different profiles and options when choosing the right one for your cabinet project.  Whether we clear coat, stain, or paint the cabinet doors or drawer fronts, we use the five piece construction method.

Whether your cabinet project gets clear coated, stained, or painted, each part goes through our paint booth.  In the booth, the finish is applied by our finish expert, and he uses spray guns to apply the finish.  The product that is used is some of the best on the market for durability, strength, color, water resistance, consistency, flash point, and dry time.  We have the ability to match almost any color, with our mixing station, so the color of your cabinet project can be almost anything, even if it’s painted.


Now the components that were listed in the cabinet book, fabricated on the shop floor, finished in the paint booth, all come together on the assemble line.  Each cabinet is assembled by one of our cabinet makers, the drawers installed, the doors & drawer fronts mounted on the cabinets, wrapped for protection, & stored till they are needed on the job site.  Assembly is the last step that takes place in our shop, but the cabinet still needs to be installed, counter-tops put on, hardware put on the doors & drawer fronts, etc.