Building With ICF

November 8, 2017

Have you ever considered building your home using insulated concrete from footings to roof?   ICF is a cost-effective way to build your home, and is also a great way to keep your energy costs low throughout the year. Not only is ICF an effective way to build, there are many other reasons why ICF is often the preferred method of building. We have constructed many homes with ICF and these clients are tickled with their cozy homes.

  • Energy efficient

The key word in ICF is “insulated”. When built correctly, there should be minimal air leaks, reducing heat loss in the winter, and in the summer months the thermal insulation helps to keep it cool without having to turn up the air conditioning excessively.

  • Structural safety & Durability

It has been proven time and again that ICF is structurally sound and up to 10 times stronger than homes constructed with wood. In extreme weather cases and natural disasters, there was minimal damage done to homes built with ICF. And since there is no wood used for the exterior frame, there is little chance for rot.

  • Better indoor air quality & Comfort

Humidity levels are a big factor in a home. If humidity levels are too high, there is a better chance of mold being present. ICF walls along with proper mechanical ventilation, help control the humidity levels, at the same time maintaining high thermal performance and helping to create a comfortable indoor environment.

  • Keep vermin out!

Another benefit of using ICF is there are less vermin that can get into the home! Because of the way ICF is built, there are no gaps between the walls and foundation, and it is basically one continuous form all the way to the ceiling, leaving no way for unwanted guests to enter.

The insulation between the forms, before concrete is poured.

Concrete is poured and interior framing has begun.

Roof is on!

Completed full ICF home.

Another full ICF home built by Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction.