Benefits of a Single-Level Home

June 12, 2019


One-floor house plans represent a rising trend in home design in recent years. Although they dwindled in popularity during the ’60s and ’70s, the number of one-floor houses constructed each year has steadily climbed since 2011.

Not only have single-level homes increased in popularity overall, but they have become more popular with all age groups. Older homeowners appreciate the convenience and ease of use of a single-level home, whereas younger families enjoy the opportunities for open-space design and other contemporary elements.

What’s the appeal of single-level living? Why are more and more homeowners buying into this trend? Read on to discover the benefits, and find out why homeowners of all ages are ditching the second floor!

1. Open, Convenient Floor Plans

It may seem pretty obvious to say that one benefit of a single-level design is that you don’t need to worry about incorporating any staircases to the second floor. But think about what this means — a staircase leaves a pretty large “footprint” on a home’s floor plan. Getting rid of them altogether is like a breath of fresh air!

Obviously, this design flexibility appeals to younger couples or single homeowners, but there are clear benefits to retired couples as well. Heck, everyone can agree that they’d love to never lug baskets of laundry up and down the stairs ever again!

2. Greater Variety of Design Options

Vaulted ceilings, skylights, rooms of varying heights…all of these design options can become a nightmare when you’re dealing with a multi-level home. When you only have one level to worry about, the possibilities are limitless!

It’s also much easier to expand or add on to a single-level home. As long as your lot/yard can facilitate the new addition, it can be as simple as knocking out a wall or two and building a few more!

3. Efficient, Eco-Friendly Living

We’ve all experienced how difficult it can be to cool the top floor of a house in the summertime, and heat the lower level of a house in winter. With a single-level design, heating and cooling costs can drop significantly as the entire house enjoys a more consistent atmosphere. Furthermore, as single-level homes lend themselves to open floor plans, as described above, your cooling and heating systems won’t be forced to force air through a series of walls and doors. A single vent can push cool or hot air through the entire living space!

All in all, it’s easy to understand the appeal of single-level homes. They offer increased convenience and accessibility, allow for a greater variety of design options, and make it easy to expand. Thinking about a single-level design for your next home? Our team of designers would love to talk with you about your ideas and show you what’s possible! Contact us today to get started.