Benefits of Building a Custom Home

July 17, 2019

All the Features You Need – None That You Don’t


When you browse homes for sale, you’ll find the listings packed with mentions of all the amazing features and amenities of each property. Movie theatre-style entertainment room! In-ground hot tub in the backyard! Indoor putting green! Laundry room on the top floor! TWO laundry rooms!


Maybe some of those features sound right up your alley…but maybe not. If you have a young family that loves to run around in the yard, perhaps you’d rather have a nice patch of lawn instead of a giant hot tub. In other words, features of a potential home that don’t interest you aren’t really features — they become inconveniences that you’ll have to deal with eventually.


When you build a custom home, you’re in complete control — your home will only include the features you want. Love to spend as much time as possible out in the yard? Invest more in landscaping and keep it simple indoors. Planning to work from home? Construct your ideal office space. Prefer to keep it old school and do your washing by hand? See you later, laundry room.


Alright, maybe that last example was a little bizarre, but you get the idea. By building a custom home, you can scale back on features you don’t need and incorporate the features you do.


Avoid Maintenance Down the Road


A house is sold “as-is.” If a home maintenance catastrophe strikes the day after you move in, it’s on you to deal with the repairs. A furnace might give out in the middle of winter, or a central air unit might break down during a heat wave. Repairs or replacements can set you back thousands of dollars.


On the other hand, new homes and new appliances typically come with warranties — some up to 10 years. So, even if you do find yourself facing home maintenance issues early on, you can rest assured that you’re covered.


Furthermore, building a home gives you the opportunity to select the exact appliances you’d like. Perhaps there are specific brands you trust, or a certain model that a friend or family member has in their own home and absolutely loves! Choosing quality appliances for your home from a trusted can help avoid any maintenance issues altogether.


Increased Energy Efficiency


It’s no secret that older homes are notorious for the difficulty and cost involved with their heating and cooling. Warped wood and poor insulation make them drafty and cold in winter…while their cramped floor plans, lack of central air conditioning, and the absence of modern ubiquities like ceiling fans and window screens make them unbearably warm in summer.


On the other hand, new homes can incorporate the latest & greatest technologies available to keep a home safe and comfortable as efficiently as possible. Energy efficiency can be achieved not only through features such as insulated windows and doors but also through careful planning of the overall design and layout of the home itself.


As you can see, building a custom home has several advantages beyond simply the opportunity to achieve your dream design. It allows you to customize your home in such a way that you aren’t inconvenienced by any unnecessary or unwanted features, avoid maintenance and repair headaches, and run a cost and energy-efficient household for years to come.


If you have more questions or want more information, don’t hesitate to Contact Us to discuss the details of your dream home and discover what’s possible within your budget.