Being A Bruckelmyer Brothers Employee

As the marketing manager at Bruckelmyer Brothers, I spend a lot of time with the field workers, cabinet makers/timber craftsmen, project managers, designers, and the sales team. Part of my job is to essentially be the voice of the company, and to do so I need to have a thorough understanding of all employee roles at Bruckelmyer Brothers. I have been with Bruckelmyer Brothers for a little over a year now, since I have begun my time as an employee here, I have not once looked back because of the career opportunities that came from hard work, perseverance, and most of all, trust. The point of this blog is to give you an understanding of what it’s like to be a part of the Bruckelmyer Brothers team.

Company Culture


Perhaps the single most important aspect of the company. The working environment here is peaceful. All conflict is handled properly, there is no micro managing, no yelling even no swearing. The expectations are simple, be professional and do it right. We would rather have our team take more time to complete a task rather than rush through it. This mindset has significantly helped the quality of our production, attract better talent, and more importantly retain the talent. Having a culture like this makes it easy to come to work. Everyone is held to the same standard, no one is looked down on if they make a mistake but instead guided in the right direction so you can learn from your mistake. Every voice is heard, our management team is good at listening and accommodating when or if necessary.

Advanced Training

I began my career with Bruckelmyer Brothers in the field as a carpenter. The college I was attending allowed me to use this job for my internship. Unlike some internships, I was paid a fair wage especially for the lack of experience I had. The learning curve was big for someone with little experience and at times it was difficult. I worked alongside my foreman for the first month or two and not once did he make me feel dumb or inadequate to complete a task. The foreman provides on-site training to new employees, these trainings are recorded so future employees have the opportunity to watch how tasks should be completed. A little side note, our leadership team including our foreman attends factory install labor training from companies like LP Siding, Marvin Windows, and more. This trade is always changing and at Bruckelmyer Brothers we make sure to stay in tune when it comes to building and installing. The advanced training at Bruckelmyer Brothers is truly what allows us to design and build some of the most extravagant homes you see around the Duluth area. Our custom cabinet/woodworking shop also provides advanced on-site training. The staff that works in the shop actually designed the layout of the shop to better fit their building process.


Perks & Benefits

y personal favorite perk of working at Bruckelmyer Brothers is the four-day workweek. We work four 10 hour shifts (Monday-Thursday). Having that extra day off on the weekend is a game-changer, it gives you more time with the family and more time to recoup after your workweek. There are company-wide events hosted every quarter, in the past, we have done fishing trips, shooting trips, and factory tours. Oh and I forgot to mention, we are paid for every event or outing that takes place. Paid vacations are earned after your first year of employment. You get 40 hours after your first year, and 10 hours added per year with a 3-week cap. The traditional 6 paid holidays are; Easter, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  BBC also offers matching contributions to your company-sponsored Simple IRA, up to 3%, so you can make sure those retirement dreams become a reality. Employees are awarded for our success with an incentive program that was built to help motivate our employees. It’s relatively simple if we beat the estimated hours on a project, the employees get paid for the remaining hours. Instead of the company profiling, it’s rewarded to the employees. That is an employee-first company right there!

Another benefit of working at Bruckelmyer Brothers is having access to any top of the line DeWalt tool for every job. Having the right tool for the job is a must, every crew is given a trailer full of the best UpToDate tools and supplies. To go along with the tools, we have a clothing and accessory website for our employees. Each employee is given a certain number of credits each quarter so they can buy there favorite sweatshirt, hat, pant etc. It’s rare to find a company that treats each and every employee like family.


Your Turn


We are committed to shaping the future of distributed work. We settle for nothing but the highest quality in the homes we design, build and, in the talent we recruit. Your career will be as unique as the communities we build. If you are interested in joining our team, click the following link and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under “Current Job Openings” you will find the “Apply” button. Or simply pick up your phone and call our office at (218)-525-2344 and ask about the application process.


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