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Bruckelmyer Brothers understands that for many people, building a new home can seem like an overwhelming task to undertake.  It involves making informed decisions, managing schedules and requires collaboration between the client, contractor, designers and vendors.  After many years of experience, we’ve fine tuned our organization to operate like a well oiled machine making the building process relaxed and easy for our client.  As a result of efficiency, our projects take an average of 6-8 months to complete compared to the industry average of 10-12 months; which means additional cost savings for our client.  Here is a brief outline of our process.

Introduction  -  New clients meet with Ed Bruckelmyer for a project consultation.

  • If the client does not yet have their plans drafted at this point we will:
  • If the client already has their construction plans completed we will:
    • Review the plans and discuss the scope of the project.
    • Together with the client, complete a project survey.

Site Visit  -  We’ll go and visit the building site to determine:

  • Clearing and driveway requirements.
  • Land elevations and contours.
  • Soil types.
  • Placement of structures.
  • Location of utilities.

Estimate  -  The estimate usually takes 2 weeks to complete from the introduction phase. 

  • Our estimators review the plan in detail to ensure that all bases of the project are covered to provide the most accurate estimate of construction costs.
  • We present our client with a detailed proposal.
  • We discuss each line item of the proposal with the client to make sure all costs are clearly understood.

Contract  -  With the client’s approval of the estimate:

  • Terms are discussed and the Construction Agreement is signed.
  • We prepare a Sworn Construction Statement & Vendor List for the client’s financial institution.
  • The financial institution conducts an appraisal and approves the project.

Permits  -  Bruckelmyer Brothers will take care of getting the required permits.

  • Permit applications are submitted to county, city or township for review.
  •  Upon approval, permits are picked up and posted on the job site.

Schedule  -  The project schedule is generated.

  • The timeline and guidelines are set.
  • The schedule is distributed to the client, project managers, and vendors.

Construction  -  The construction phase begins with the site work.

  • Project managers oversee all work on site throughout the duration of the project.
    • Excavating
    • Foundation
    • Plumbing & HVAC
    • Electrical
    • Framing
    • Roofing
    • Drywall & painting
    • Cabinetry & countertops
    • Trim carpentry
    • Final cleaning
  • Communication during construction is held as a priority with regular site meetings, walk-through’s, emails, and phone conversations.

Completion  -  A final walk-through with the client takes place at the completion of the project to ensure 100% satisfaction.